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Portfolio 1

About the owner – Mark

As an Ultimo owner, Mark struggled to make money through the traditional rental market for almost 10 years. After considering his long-term profit goals, he decided to try the short-term rental market instead. A drive to generate a higher income than before resulted in Mark using, and so he came to us with his two Ultimo properties.

Many Ultimo property owners will tell you that their market is saturated by short-term rentals. The short-term rental potential has flooded the area, making it difficult for owners to secure high-occupancy rates. Because of this, Mark decided that he wanted to stand out from the competition from Day One.

In addition to using to increase his property’s exposure, Mark chose to decorate it using a minimalist theme that’s popular amongst visitors from around the world. Airest’s stylist team organised and styled the property to match this theme. Today, his property ranks in the Top 5 on Ultimo in terms of occupancy rates, and he achieves a consistently healthy profit.

Portfolio–Surry Hills Sydney

Modern, new 2 Bedrooms terrace in the heart of Sydney Post Code 2010, Long term return: $1100/w Short term returns managed by : $1565


High return
Hosts earn 30%-60% than tradition rent

Portfolio 2

About the owner – Emily

After spotting the growing trend for short-term rentals in Sydney, Emily decided to make her move on the market. Her apartment was her first investment property and she wanted to make sure it was a success with minimal fuss.

As an inner-city apartment, Emily’s had excellent potential. The Airest stylists helped her develop a contemporary urban theme that endeared itself to those who regularly visit the Sydney area. After using our advertising techniques, we’ve managed to secure occupancy rates that are well above the average for Sydney's short-term rental market.

Emily is now considering branching into other short-term rentals as she develops her investment portfolio. She intends to use Airest to maintain her high-profit margins.

Portfolio–Ultimo Sydney

Modern, new renovated studio in the heart of Sydney Post Code 2007, Long term return: $540/w Short term returns managed by : $920