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What we offer

Maximising Short-term Rental Returns

Professional Listing

We’ll list your property across multiple platforms and drive more bookings with sophisticated wording and professional photos. Our aim is to ensure you stand out from the competition.

Efficient Personal Account Manager

Your personal account manager will dedicate themselves to making your property succeed and they’ll answer all your questions. As efficient communicators, they’ll never leave you in the dark.

Daily pricing review

Airest reviews pricing on a daily basis and adjusts it to increase your reservations by 15 to 30%. We’ll adjust your pricing according to seasonal demands.

Tenants’ verification checks

Protect yourself with our in-depth verification checks, including ID and reviews. We ensure the reliability of each guest to reduce cancellations, making sure your profits remain stable.

Five-star Home Service

Treat your guests to immaculate cleaning, hotel-style sheets, and fluffy towels to perfect their experience and boost your bookings. With our attention to detail, they’ll always leave feeling happy.

Comprehensive house maintenance

Let us take charge of your maintenance no matter how bad the problem is. In doing so, we’ll help you manage your property from a distance.

Short-term landlord insurance

Using AA-Level insurance, we’ll protect your property and its contents. Additionally, we’ll include public liability insurance to protect your legal interests.

Annual house assessment and audit

We’ll assess your house every year to ensure it’s well-maintained and fit for use, providing you with peace of mind. This also results in your guests always feeling impressed.

Why make the switch to short-term rental?

Blending profitability and flexibility becomes possible when you choose short-term rentals. As short-term rentals command higher prices, you make more money. Using our skills at Airest, you’ll achieve better occupancy levels, and better returns.

Switching to short-term rentals allows you to enjoy your property on your terms. If there’s a period in which you want to use it yourself, you don’t need to wait for a lengthy tenancy to end. You’re also less likely to lose out on money through missed rental payments.

To maximise the benefits of your short-term rentals, turn to Airest. We’ll manage and market your property in a way that helps you exceed standard occupancy rates and increase your profit potential.


High return
Hosts earn 30%-60% than tradition rent

Before you go

Using our pricing analysis, you can predict how much your property will earn. To make sure you’re ready for guests, we’ll create a comprehensive checklist of must-do tasks.

Hosting the Guests

From organising check-in times to exchanging keys, we’ll welcome your guests into your home. All guests will benefit from a welcome basket and note, plus we’ll arrange for a high-standard cleaning service between occupancies.

Managing Guests

After each guest departs, we’ll perform a property check and provide you with the results. We’ll also manage all guest reviews and deliver a comprehensive Airest statement of earnings.